NMLS #1329896


Senior Mortgage Loan Originator

Michael Day joined the mortgage world shortly after receiving his finance degree from the University of South Florida. His years of experience made one thing abundantly clear: communication is key. The more everyone knows, the easier things become. With that in mind, Michael aims to lay out everything in advance to ensure nothing is left unanswered.  

But that doesn’t mean a one-size-fits-all approach. Michael acknowledges that each client is different, with unique circumstances and needs. Don’t like phone calls? He’ll find you by email or text messages. Struggle with computers? He’ll do as much as he can by phone and walk clients through step by step when he needs a few clicks. Few in this industry consider their client’s individual needs and preferences as sincerely as Michael does. 

Fun Facts

about Michael

Michael enjoys hockey, stand up comedy, and a slow cigar. 

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